Naim Doumit

Lebanese, born in 1941, in Mghayrieh, Shouf, Mount Lebanon.

I. Biography
1960 -1962  Drawing, painting and Sculpture Studies at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts Beirut, Lebanon .

1962 Scholarship for Drawing and Sculpture granted by the Lebanese Ministry of Education for specialization abroad.

1962-1965 Diploma in Sculpture from the Accademia di Belle Arti Rome, Italy

1965 Diploma in Sculpture on Wood from the Scuola Arti Ornamentali Rome, Italy.

II. Exhibitions
1961-1975 Exhibition organized yearly by the Ministry of Education at "Salon du Printemps" art gallery Beirut, Lebanon.

1965 Exhibition at "Salon d'automne" art gallery Sursok Museum Beirut, Lebanon.

1968 Participation in the Seventh Biennial in Alexandria, Egypt.

1970 Exhibition organized by Lebanese artists, painters, and sculptors Beirut, Lebanon.

1970 Exhibition for the Lebanese artists who have studied in Italy organized by the Italian Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Tourism Beirut, Lebanon.

1973 Personal exhibition of sculptures and drawings at "Modulart" art gallery Sanayeh, Lebanon.

1973 Personal exhibition of sculptures and drawings at "Arslan Raad" art gallery Tripoli, Lebanon.

1974 Participation in the First Arab Biennial in Baghdad, Iraq.

1974 Participation in the Tenth Biennial in Alexandria, Egypt.

1975 Exhibition of the Association of Lebanese Artists, Painters, and Sculptors Beirut, Lebanon.

1980 Personal exhibition of pastel and china ink drawings at the Faculty of Fine Arts Universite Saint Esprit(USEK) Kaslik, Lebanon.

1980 Exhibition of  works of the professors of the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) -Lebanese University.

1980 "Nawar" exhibition of sculptures and paintings at the Faculty of Fine Arts Universite Saint Esprit Kaslik, Lebanon.

1988 Personal exhibition of sculptures and pastels at "La Toile" art gallery at Rimal Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon.

1991 Personal exhibition of sculptures and pastels at "Salon D'art" Sadat street Beirut, Lebanon.

1992 Personal exhibition of sculptures and china ink drawings at "Epreuve d'Artiste" art gallery Kaslik, Lebanon.

1997 First Arab Sculpture exhibition in Jordan.

1997 Exhibition of Lebanese painters and sculptors Manama, Bahrain.

1998 Exhibition of Sacred art at the faculty of fine arts of Usek Kaslik, Lebanon.

1966- 2005 Professor in fundamentals of design and sculpture at the National Institute of fine arts of the Lebanese University.

1974 – present Professor of Basics of design at the fine arts faculty of USEK.

1977-1980 Head of the art department at USEK.

1998-present Sculpture Professor at the Lebanese American University, Beirut Lebanon.

III. Monuments
 1978 Bas- reliefs at the city of Jeddah ( 8 m high) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1978 Stone monument in the town of Beit Mery( 2.55m high) Lebanon.

1978 Sculpture in the town of Ain Saadeh, Lebanon.

1983 Monument in concrete at Mont La Salle College ( 9m high) Ain Saadeh, Lebanon.

1985 Marble monument for Zouk Mikael municipality(2 m) Zouk Mikael,Highway, Lebanon.

1985  Stone bas- relief for Tabbah Jewelry Shop (20m2) Sofil Center Beirut, Lebanon.

1988  Bas- relief in stone for Mont La Salle Church (54m2) Ain Saadeh, Lebanon.
1998  Bas-relief on church door at Mont La Salle College Ain Saadeh, Lebanon.

1998 Design for the above- mentioned church altar.

1998 Design for church altar at College Sacre Coeur Kfar Hbab, Lebanon.

Artistic works present in each of the following countries:
Lebanon, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Algeria, Jordan, USA, and Iraq.